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7 Time-tested Theater Schools for Talented Kids"

Kidsburgh Article
By Sally Quinn - May 28, 2017

"Pittsburgh has quite an extensive opportunity list for kids in theater," says Jill Jeffrey, executive director of Gemini Children's Theater. "There are so many different places, from small privately owned schools to much larger places, like Pittsburgh Musical Theater and CLO Academy. Each of us has something unique to offer, and I feel each of us is very supportive of one another." - Read Full Article

Wrap-up: "And They Lived Happily Ever After . . ."

By Arwen Kozak, Gemini Intern
April 20, 2017

Snow White lived “happily ever after” one last time on Sunday, April 9th and we bid farewell (for now) to a talented and enthusiastic cast. Snow White brought many new faces to the Gemini stage, including Savannah Bruno as Snow White, Ryan Bergman as the Prince and Mirror, and Mary Pochatko as the Queen. Snow White was also the Gemini directing debut of Gemini alum and teacher, Marsha Mayhak, who said “This production was such a fun and rewarding experience. I hope everyone who saw it enjoyed it as much as I did!”

Like so many other Gemini performances, Snow White was a classic brought to life by the energy and passion of the actors, both student and adult. The dedicated performers brought positivity onstage and off, complete with a Gemini Award Show by production assistant Ross RIngold which featured a music video of "Power of One" from Gemini songwriter, Lani Cerveris-Cataldi.

Whether audience members were singing with the dwarves, or dancing with Snow White as her animal friends, the excitement and eagerness of children was clear.

Making Wishes
Around the Wishing Well

By Arwen Kozak, Gemini Intern
March 30, 2017

From making wishes around the wishing well to dancing with the seven dwarfs, Gemini's Snow White takes audiences on an adventure through forests, castles, and jewel mines. This interactive, musical journey brings children down on stage to help Snow White and her friends clean the dwarf's cottage, learn their names, and more! This enthusiastic and colorful show will entertain the whole family, using whimsy and fun to show the importance of friendship, kindness, and lending a helping hand. 

Directed by Gemini alum Marsha Mayhak in her Gemini-directing debut, this show features original music and lyrics by Lani Cataldi and stars Savannah Bruno as Snow White, Clarence Seybert as the Guard, Ryan Bergman as the Prince and Mirror, and Mary Pochatko as the Queen. With energy and excitement, the cast brings the story alive in this enchanting production. 

As the closing show of Gemini's 20th season, Snow White is a re-imagined classic no one wants to miss! Come meet Snow White and her friends this Saturday or Sunday until April 9th! 

Making Magic for Young Audiences

March 25, 2017 - Pittsburgh in the Round (Yvonne Hudson)

Jill Jeffrey was a like many young actors, making the rounds at auditions and giving little thought to children’s theater–until she stepped on stage in Journey Back to Oz at Gemini Theater Company in 2004.

“I had a strong background in sketch comedy and improvisation,” says Jeffrey. “After getting to know Dennis Palko and Lani Cerveris-Cataldi, the founders and artistic directors of the company . . .

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Kidsburgh Pittsburgh Highlights "Jungle Book!"

Rudyard Kipling's literary masterpiece, The Jungle Book - which the English author penned in 1894 while living in Vermont - has become one of the most beloved children's books in the English language, is used as a motivational book by the Cub Scouts, has inspired . . .

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Sto-Rox Library Moves to

Ryan Arts & Culture Center!"

The Sto-Rox Library will soon be a closer Neighbor to the Gemini Theater! It will be relocating into the Ryan Arts & Culture Center starting this week, with a "grand opening" on March 1.

As part of their move, you might see some new furniture being put in place in the lobby area of the Arts Center. This furniture will be constructed and placed beginning February 23rd and finishing up February 27th.

No work will be done during our performances, but please be aware that there will be some slight changes to how we greet you when you come into the building. We're excited at the new opportunities and partnerships we will have with the library, and we hope you will join us in welcoming them into their new home!

Gemini Interview with Summer Camp Student, Ross Ringold!

Name:  Ross Ringold

Age:  9, but I will be turning ten on July 21st!

What was your first Gemini class or program in which you participated?  Tell-A-Tale performance called "Out of the Woods."

How many classes, programs, or shows (camp or mainstage season) have you been an actor or student?  Four, I have done Tell-A-Tale twice and two summer camps.  I will be doing two more summer camps later this summer.

What are your three favorite theater games?  Pumpernickel, Park Bench, and Statues.

What role (character) do you like to play in a show? Why?  I like to be the funny one because I like being silly.

What do you like about Gemini Theater?  The shows!  And the people!  Because the people at Gemini are so wonderful and they make me feel happy.  I feel like I belong there.

Anything else the Gemini Audience should know? At age 2, I was diagnosed with autism.  I am sharing this because I want people to know that I've gone through a lot.  I want to share my journey.  Gemini has taught me that it is a great place for all kids, whether they have autism or something else or nothing.

From Jill and the Gemini Staff:  "We love Ross because his enthusiasm for learning theater is amazing, and his kind & generous nature makes his so likable with all of his class and cast mates.  We are honored that he chooses to be with us over and over again . . . it lets us know that Gemini is bringing awesome programs to kids, and that we should never doubt OURSELVES!  Imagination, creativity, and friendship . . . Ross brings all of this to our theater."

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A Week in the Life of Executive Director Jill Jeffrey!

Keep up (if you can) with Gemini Theater Company Executive Director Jill Jeffrey, as she stars in a play, runs a summer camp for hundreds of kids and designs sets for Mermaid. With Gemini since 2004, the Pittsburgh native has helped to guide the organization from a company that only produces classic children's productions to one that runs year-round arts education programs.

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Gemini Children's Theater Celebrates 20 Years!

The Gemini Theater Company has been bringing unique, interactive theater experiences to children and families for twenty years.  Founded in 1996 by Dennis Palko and Lani Cerveris-Cataldi, the theater began producing interactive musicals that literally have children stepping into the story.  From princesses to animals to pirates, the Gemini always gives kids the opportunity to be part of the show, helping the characters solve problems and make new friends.  

October 12, 2016 marks the 20th Anniversary of the first performance where Gemini brought interactive, musical, children's theater to life. We are excited to debut our upcoming season and kicking off 20 MORE years! 

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Renewal Coffee Opens at the Father Ryan Arts Center!

Renewal Coffee is a McKees Rocks' community-centered cafe located inside Father Ryan Arts Center. In collaboration with Fortunes Coffee, McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation, and Focus on Renewal, Renewal Coffee is focused on creating a stronger and more connected community through the craft of coffee. 

Being socially ambitious, we hope to provide a comfortable and inviting space for the community and anyone looking to study, connect, and converse. There is nothing quite like coffee to inspire this type of atmosphere and we want to provide an amazing coffee experience for our customers. 

A coffee shop can be a community hub and focal point for creativity. Father Ryan Arts Center is an amazing space to foster community inclusion and ideas. We hope to put on many Events to get the creative juices flowing!

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"Mermaid" Kicks Off 20th Anniversary Season!

The Gemini Theater Company has been bringing unique, interactive theater experiences to children and families for twenty years.  Founded in 1996 by Dennis Palko and Lani Cerveris-Cataldi, the theater began producing interactive musicals that literally have children stepping into the story.  From princesses to animals to pirates, the Gemini always gives kids the opportunity to be part of the show, helping the characters solve problems and make new friends.  July 2016 marks the 20th Anniversary of The Gemini bringing imagination to life, and we are excited to debut our upcoming season in our new home at the Father Ryan Arts Center in McKees Rocks!

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In 2003, Dennis and Lani expanded Gemini Theater programs to include Summer Theater Camps.  In one week, young actors create, write, and rehearse an original show to perform on the last day of camp.  Camp sessions are scheduled by age for children and teens 4 – 17, ensuring that every actor gets an opportunity to work in an environment that fits their age and learning comfort level.  In between writing and rehearsing campers also learn theater games that strengthen their social skills as well as their stage presence.  Campers also make their own props, help design their sets, and make any costume pieces needed to make their character come to life.  

Gemini Theater also offers afterschool and weekend Acting and Technical Theater classes, both of which began in 2008, when demand for our camps stretched beyond the summer months.  Our classes have all been carefully designed so that a child or teen can participate where they feel most comfortable.  Whether it is to develop acting skills, prepare for an audition, or simply to have fun playing on stage, all of our classes offer a stress-free environment for any student who is part of the programs. There is so much the Gemini can do for you, your family, and your school or organization.  

Check us out or visit us in our NEW home at the Father Ryan Arts Center!  “Anything can happen when you tap in to your imagination!” 

Gemini Presents at PAEYC UnConference!

On Thursday, June 30, Gemini Theater had the honor to be presenters as part of the PAEYC UnConference, which was held at CAPA, Pittsburgh’s Creative & Performing Arts Academy.   The UnConference featured an innovative and hands-on professional development session on the importance of arts in education. Participants of the UnConference were able to choose from various workshops to learn hands-on activities, connect with other educators and arts organizations, as well as add techniques to their own classrooms, schools, and organizations.  The workshops are developmentally appropriate practice for educators and caregivers working with children ages birth through age nine.  However, many of the workshop offerings can also apply to students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade and after school programs. Jill Jeffrey, Executive Director of Gemini Theater Company and Randy Oliva, a teacher and actor with Gemini as well as Founder & Artistic Director of Mysteries Most Wanted, led two workshops, engaging participants in theater games and activities used in Gemini Education Programs.  

Everyone had a great time being kids for a day, trying out their skills at character voices, stage movement, and quick-listening/quick-thinking activities.  When asked why he enjoys working with Gemini and children’s theater, Randy told them “It’s so amazing to watch kids come out of their shells.  I believe that theater provides an amazing opportunity for kids to find comfort in their individuality, especially kids who may have struggles in social situations with communication and creating friendships.”  All of our “actors” during the UnConference expressed their delight with our workshop, and we were thankful that we had the opportunity to bring a little bit of Gemini to PAEYC, the UnConference, and all the educators who spent their day downtown with all of the great organizations.

Pictured: Jill and Randy represent Gemini Theater in “Eyeball Park” in the Cultural District.

4 to 6 Year Old's Kickoff
Gemini Summer Acting Camps!

Kicking off the week were the 4 to 6 year old age group. Within one week, these talented little workshop students, under the guidance of their instructors, wrote and created their very own story compete with princesses and super heros. They built their props, designed their scenery, learned their music and rehearsed their lines in preparation for their final performance. They showcased their talents to a crowd of enthusiatic parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends and extended family on Friday of the last day of camp.

The show was a hit! They made the everyone laugh and cry tears of joy. We are so proud of our little Gemini campers. Thank you for sharing your talents with us! This week we will showcase the 7 to 11 age group. What will this group come up with?

Check out Summer Acting Camps

A Special Message from the Director of the Alumni Show, Jenna Panza!

Words cannot express the gratitude for those of you who were able to be a part of our very special alumni performance event! It was truly a beautiful evening full of amazing memories, laughter and song. Each alumni left a piece of their heart onstage as everyone had the opportunity to express what a major impact the theater has played in their lives. From comeback performances, to a very special acapella ending paying tribute to the music of Lani Cataldi, the entire evening was nothing short of "Gemini magic."

A special "thank you" goes out to everyone that made contributions for the baskets and refreshments for our end of the evening reception. It was truly a night filled with love, and a welcome reminder that "the space" is not what makes our theater feel like home, it is our "amazing ever growing family at the Gemini Theater." - Director and Pinocchio, Jenna Panza

Royal Ball Mentioned in
Social Butterfly Magazine!


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The King and Queen were honored to have Social Butterfly Magazine pay the Royal Ball a visit this year. Check out what they had to say!


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Special Performance -
Gemini Alumni Show!

On June 19th at 6:00 pm, Gemini Children's Theater will host a fairy tale reunion with it's production of the "Gemini Alumni Show."  Coordinated and directed by Jenna Panza, this cabaret-style event will take you on a Gemini style journey as you visit characters from "Alice in Wonderland," "Wizard of Oz," "Peter Pan," "Sleeping Beauty," and more.  They will share highlights from a variety of Gemini stories, with a few spoofs here and there.  Snow White, Belle and the Little Mermaid will even join in on the fun.

Don't miss this amazing adventure.  Guest performers include: Alex Beighley, Charlie Clougherty, Steff Cryor, Julianna Eyer, Tara Heade, Larry Herman, Jessica Kaushansky, Erin Mahoney, Marsha Mayhak, Dee Panza, Carlie Platt, Gina Preciado, Amanda Rees, Sarah Richards, Sydne Samuels, Lauren Scheller-Wolf, Cory Sigler, Henry St Tucker, Sofie Wedner and Andrew Zibritosky. Tickets!

The King and Queen Declare the 10th Annual Royal Ball a Success!

On May 21st of 2016, Gemini Children's Theater held it's 10th Annual Royal Ball Fundraiser. Over 65 volunteers participated in a variety of activities for over 200 guests. Highlights included special guest performances from the Amish Monkeys Improv Comedy Troupe, David Lawrence and Gabby Barrett.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible. The support received from this event will help us reach more children and families with our programming. Gemini Children’s Theater has been bringing educational, creative, performing arts opportunities for 20 years.

Your participation in this event will directly support discounted tickets to performances and events, scholarships for acting classes and summer camps and reduced educational outreach performances for elementary and pre-K children. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! Check it out the BUZZ!

Trib Live "Fanfare, Gemini Children's Theater's Royal Ball"

Pittsburgh Magazine Selects the "Royal Ball" as one of the Top Ten things to do in May!

April 28, 2016 - Last week, Pittsburgh Magazine selected the "Royal Ball" as one of the Top Ten things to do in Pittsburgh during the month of May and featured a glamorous picture of Gemini legendary performer, teacher and Pittsburgh native Bridget Carey as the awesome Sea Witch. "Thank you," Pittsburgh Magazine for the amazing shout out!

This will be the 10th Annual Royal Ball celebration and will mark 20 years of Gemini Children's Theater history.  This truly plans to be an amazing event you won't want to miss.  Singing, dancing, luncheon, games, prizes and special guest appearances from Gabby Barrett, David Lawrence and the Amish Monkeys Improv Comedy troupe, just to name a few. Come join the fun!

Royal Ball Special Guest -
Gabby Barrett

Gemini Children's Theater is excited to announce a special guest visit from Gabby Barrett at this years Royal Ball fundraiser.

Gabby has covered artists such as the Beatles, Ariana Grande, Whitney Houston, Adele, and Celine Dion, including Motown artists of the 60’s and 70’s. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review described her as “A voice you must hear!”

Gabby also wants her success to include giving back to the community. She has been able to use her gifts and talents to support nonprofits such as Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Camp Star (Youth Amputee Camp), and Saint Jude. She has also traveled around the country to perform at numerous high schools, universities and community colleges to bring more awareness and talk candidly about the importance of anti-bullying campaigns.

To read more about Gabby, visit her website at

Riverview Children's Center Goes on a "Magic Carpet Ride!"

On April 12, 2016, 100 students from Riverview Children's Center visited the Gemini for the "Genie Magic Carpet Ride" outreach performance.

Miss Tammy highlighted to Gemini staff, "You all do a wonderful job keeping the young children involved and motivated to stay focused."

Gemini outreach performances, primarily geared for young children, are interactive, musical adventures which allow the children to engage with the characters on stage and play an active role in telling the story. To book a performance for your group, visit the Outreach section of our website.

"Thanks again for a wonderful experience and for helping the young minds in my class be exposed to your art form and expanding their horizons - Tammy Baker."

Who will be at the "Royal Ball"?

On May 21st, from 11:30am to 3:30pm, Gemini Children's Theater will host their annual fundraiser, the Royal Ball. Gemini Children’s Theater has been bringing educational, creative, performing arts opportunities for 20 years. The Royal Ball event is an annual fundraiser which keep artistic programs within reach of children and their families in the Pittsburgh community.

There will be many familiar storybook characters at the ball: Cinderella, Belle, the Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Alice, Dorothy, and many more, with special guest performances from the Amish Monkeys and magic by David Lawrence. Luncheon, games for children as well as adults, prizes, silent auction, musical numbers and a dance party will fill the afternoon with family fun for all ages.

Proceeds from this event directly support discounted tickets to performances and events, scholarships for acting classes and summer camps and reduced educational outreach performances for elementary and pre-K children.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime event you won't want to miss! For more information about the Royal Ball visit the Tickets section of our website.

A Royal Decree! The King and Queen Announce - "We will Extend Summer Camp Discount"

April 21, 2016 - The King and Queen announced today that they will extend the Summer Acting Camp discount until the end of May and will also offer a payment plan for parents who need to stretch payments over a few months.

"This royal proclamation came after parents requested the flexibility of paying in installments," said the Queen. "We want to make our programs available and within reach to everyone."

The King decided to extend the discount due to the success of the tax day deferred payment offer. The King also reminded the townspeople about the tuition assistance program . . . "Every child in the kingdom should be able participate in our programs," the King declared.

Gemini Summer Acting Camps are conducted out of the Father Ryan Arts Center and provide hands-on experience in a real theater. Under the guidance of theater professionals, each group creates, writes, produces and performs their show on the last day of camp. For more information about Gemini Summer Acting Camps, Payment Plans and Tuition Assistance, visit the Summer Camp section of our website.