COVID-19 Update - 2020 Summer Camps

We are currently keeping registrations open for our Summer Theater Camp program. We understand there is uncertainty for so many regarding summer activities for children and teens. We are extending our early registration discount to May 30. We are recommending families to register choosing the "Payment Plan/Check Payment" option which only requires a $50 deposit at submission. This guarantees a spot in camp without worrying about a full payment at this time. Applying for tuition assistance will remain an option for all families, even as camp weeks draw closer. In the event that we are unable to run camp weeks due to continued business closures, your deposit will be handled as directed on your registration form. Families who have paid tuition in full will be contacted to handle refund options, if the need arises. It is our hope that we will all see positive changes in regard to work, school, and home life sooner than later. We are excited to be a bright spot in your child's summer after this unusual, but necessary, time spent at home. Thank you for supporting our theater through our camp program!

Summer 2020 Acting Camps


Holiday Discounts!
Summer Camps

Early Bird Discounts!
Summer Camps

(Early Bird Discounts End May 31st.  Registrations for Cash, Check, Payment Plans must be made in full by May 31st to retain Early Bird Discounts. Discounts do not apply to Tuition Assistance registrations and scholarships are based on full camp pricing. Cash, Check, Payment Plans and Tuition Assistance registrations must pay a non-refundable $50 deposit to secure camp registration.)

What will the think of next?  Enroll now and find out!

Creative Fun! Our 5-day camps provide hands-on experience in a real theater. Under the guidance of theater professionals, each group creates, writes, produces, and performs their show on the last day of camp.


This is by far the BEST theater program for children in the Pittsburgh area! My daughter enjoyed every minute of summer camp and gained so much confidence along the way while learning about the various elements of the theater. Kudos!


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Pricing & Special Discounts

Holiday Discounts - Save on Summer Camps!

Early Bird Discounts - Save on Summer Camps!

Half Day Sessions

Holiday Discount - $90

Early Bird Discount - $55

  • 9 am – 12pm or 1pm -4 pm
  • Camp Groups 4-6 and 7-11
  • $ 165 (Holiday Discount)
  • $ 255 (Regular Price)
  • $ 200 (Early Bird Discount)
  • $ 255 (Regular Price)

All Day Sessions

Holiday Discount - $110

Early Bird Discount - $60

  • 9 am - 4 pm
  • Camp Groups 4-6, 7-11 & 11-14
  • $ 325 (Holiday Discount)
  • $ 435 (Regular Price)
  • $ 375 (Early Bird Discount)
  • $ 435 (Regular Price)

Teen Workshop Session

Early Bird Discount - $175

Early Bird Discount - $100

  • 9 am - 4 pm (2 Week Camp)
  • Camp Groups 12 - 17
  • $ 675 (Holiday Discount)
  • $ 850 (Regular Price)
  • $ 750 (Early Bird Discount)
  • $ 850 (Regular Price)

Early Bird Discounts end May 31st.  Registrations for Cash, Check, Payment Plans must be made in full by May 31st to retain Early Bird Discounts. Discounts do not apply to Tuition Assistance registrations and scholarships are based on full camp pricing. Cash, Check, Payment Plans and Tuition Assistance registrations must pay a non-refundable $50 deposit to secure camp registration.

Sto-Rox Community Discount always available!  Contact Jill Jeffrey for details.

Class Descriptions

Ages 4 - 6 Workshop

  • June 15 - 19 (Morning, Afternoon, All-Day)
  • July 20 - 24 (Morning only)
  • August 3 - 7 (Morning, Afternoon, All-Day)

Looking for the perfect way to channel your little one’s creative energy? In this action-packed camp, our youngest actors rehearse and perform a short play that they help to create from their own imaginations! This highly structured workshop, geared for young attention spans, includes a variety of exciting, fun-filled activities: puppet, costume, scenery and prop-making, theater games, music, and movement. While having a great time, your child will learn to listen, follow directions, remember, focus, accomplish objectives, take turns, work with others in a group situation, compromise, perform in front of an audience, and use the imagination.

Final Performances

Morning campers - Friday at 11:30am
Afternoon campers - Friday at  3:30pm
All-Day campers - Friday at 11:30am & 3:30pm

Ages 7 - 11 Workshop

  • June 22 - 26 (Morning, Afternoon, All-Day)
  • July 6 – 10 (*All-Day only)
  • August 10 - 14 (*All-Day only)

Does your son or daughter like to pretend? This moderately structured camp will unlock your child’s creativity and take him/her on a week-long adventure into the imagination! Young actors choose their own characters and put them all together into an original story, which they write, rehearse and perform as a mini play on the last day of the workshop. While having fun and making new friends, your child will improve his/her ability to listen, follow directions, compose a story, understand conflict & resolution, develop a character, accomplish an objective, collaborate with peers, perform in front of an audience, and use the imagination.

Final Performances

Morning campers - Friday at 11:30am
Afternoon campers - Friday at  3:30pm
All-Day campers (June 22-26) - Friday at 11:30am & 3:30pm
*All-Day campers (July 6-10 & August 10-14) perform one show on Friday at 3:30pm

Ages 11 - 14 Workshop

  • July 13 - 17 (All Day Camp, 9:00 – 4:00)

Does your teen have a creative mind that enjoys bringing ideas to life? This exciting camp will let his/her imagination soar to new heights! Moderately structured, this workshop allows the aspiring writer/actor/director creative freedom to develop an original production emphasizing script writing, character development, advanced theater games and improvisation.

All-Day campers performance is held Friday at 3:30pm

Ages 12 - 17 Teen Workshop

  • July 20 - 24 & July 27 - 31

Is your teen ready to not just help write a show, but learn the art of creative collaboration in the arts? During this special two-week workshop, students will participate in advanced creative writing activities to develop and strengthen their playwrighting skills. With the guidance of our teachers, they will spend their first week participating in various creative writing activities, as well as engaging in improvisation games and formats. In addition, we will bring in guest artists to talk about their experiences working as theater professionals. Their focus will be creating a cohesive script and learning how to make realistic characters and situations, even when a plot may be absurd or abstract.

The second week of this workshop will encompass rehearsing the final script, learning how to make edits and fixes when the script does not always come to life on stage. Students will work on costumes, props, and technical needs, ensuring that their performance meets the goals set during the writing process. While we encourage that all students play in active role in the show, we are always open to allowing someone who may be more interested in the creative process but not acting to become the student stage manager or technical assistant for the final show.

All-Day Workshop from 9am - 4pm, Monday through Friday. Performance will be Friday at 7:00pm

Students should provide their own lunch. Gemini Theater will provide dinner for students on the final day of workshop before the performance. This camp has limited spaces, and we filled up last year, so we recommend enrolling early!

Scholarship and Tuition Assistance Fund

of the Pittsburgh Foundation

The Scholarship and Tuition Assistance Fund is made possible by generous support from

  • McSwigan Family Foundation of The Pittsburgh Foundation
  • Paige’s Promise
  • Kenny’s Club
  • Christopher Lynch Memorial Fund

We do our best to give every child an opportunity to participate in our assistance program.

Applications for Tuition Assistance for Acting Classes and Summer Camps are processed online during the registration process. To apply, register your child for the class you are interested in attending and select “Applying for Tuition Assistance” and complete the form. Please note that incomplete applications will delay your request.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available upon registration.  A deposit of $50 is required during registration and payment plan option.

Extended Day Services

Early Drop-Off / Late Pick-Up

This service allows a parent the convenience of a staff member being at the theater to help accommodate your normal work schedule. Normal morning drop-off is 8:45 – 9:00 a.m. and normal afternoon pick-up is 4:00 p.m.

For this special service we offer: earliest drop-off time of 7:30 am and latest pick-up time of 6:00 pm. Please note: morning ONLY campers do not have a late pick-up option and afternoon ONLY campers do not have early drop-off option as our staff and teachers are in camps during those times.

  • $10/day or $40/week (Morning OR Afternoon Service)
    $15/day or $60/week (Morning AND Afternoon Service – All-Day Campers Only)

Fees are charged per family (up to two children) – no discounts are permitted for this service. You must notify the Gemini Theater two (2) weeks before your camp week if you need this service to ensure staff availability. Regular staff hours are 8:30 – 4:30, so we schedule this service as needed.

Please note that scheduling an early drop off prior to 8:15 a.m. and failing to arrive (without notice) will result in possible cancellation of service.

Payment is due when service is requested and confirmed. Please notify the Gemini Theater as soon as possible of changes to your service so staff schedule can be adjusted accordingly.

Campers are encouraged to bring books, games, or other activities they enjoy to help make their extra time with us fun. Because the theater has projection capabilities, we may show a movie once or twice during week, after camp. We only use Netflix Family for videos.

Cancellation Policy

In the event you choose to cancel and withdraw your child from a Gemini Summer Camp, the following fees apply:

  • $25 service fee up to 2 weeks prior to scheduled camp start date
  • $50 service fee 7 – 14 days prior to scheduled camp start date
  • $75 service fee 6 days or less prior to scheduled camp start date

A camper withdrawn after attending one or more days of camp will not be issued a refund. Gemini Theater reserves the right to change these policies based on individual circumstance. Gemini Theater may cancel a camp week at any time. In the event Gemini Theater cancels a camp week, campers will be offered a new date to attend or a refund/credit for their camp week. Special circumstances where a refund may not be issued include loss of camp day due to severe weather conditions causing Gemini Theater to shut down and close temporarily.

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