Fall 2023 Acting Classes

Class Details & Pricing

Class Details

In-person Classes are held at

The Ryan Arts Center & Sto-Rox Library: 420 Chartiers Avenue; McKees Rocks, PA

  Questions?  Email: education@geminitheater.org or call 412.243.6464

Please note that all registrations will require a non-refundable deposit. If applying for tuition assistance, this deposit will be used toward any balance owed after your scholarship is applied. Our goal is to make theater arts accessible for all youth and their families, and we do not turn anyone away who requests financial assistance. Because our enrollments keep increasing, you may notice that your award amount may be slightly less than in previous years. We appreciate your understanding of this change, knowing we are doing our best to accommodate every family, so everyone has access to theater classes, workshops, and programs. Thank you!

Classes Available

Thanksgiving Break: November 22-26 (no classes held Wednesday through Sunday)
All regular classes, except for Imagination Journey, will have a culmination performance or showcase on their final class day during the final 30 minutes of class time. If there are changes to this, teachers will let all families know at least three weeks prior to the final class day.

Page to Stage Acting | Ages 6 – 10

This class was one of the first offered when we began acting classes in 2008. Modeled after our popular summer camp program, students in this class meet weekly to work together to create an original play that they perform at the end of the semester on their last day of class. This class will use theater games to help build confidence on stage while incorporating activities to help students develop their characters for the show. Students are taught teamwork in writing by learning to accept ideas that strongly work in a story while agreeing to remove others that do not help tie everything together. In a total of just 15 hours of class time, they create a story, props, and scenic images to be projected as well as rehearse their show with lights and sound, getting it ready for an audience. This class has proven to be a favorite among our students as well as one that helps even the shyest of kids feel comfortable on the stage.

Acting Workshop | Ages 11 - 14

Students in this class will focus on scene development through self-directed group work, complex theater games, exercises and improvisation work and monologues. Script-work will become more focused, with student actors researching and working on scenes and monologues of their choice as the semester progresses. We recommend this class for students who have limited performance experience and are seeking to expand their skills as an actor, as well as for those students who would like to continue experimenting on stage with character development, working with peers outside of their school or social activities, or seeking a creative environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all.

Imagination Journey | Ages 4 - 5

Let your child’s imagination grow through music and acting! This intro-level class will let children explore the stage with sound, movement, and singing. With hands-on techniques, experimenting with voice, and using rhythmic effects to tell a story, children will get an opportunity to use percussion instruments, learn beginner vocal skills, and tell a story using non-verbal cues for movement and reaction. They will also get to “play on the stage” and act out characters and mini stories based on a theme created by our teachers. Though this beginner-level class is recommended for younger learners, we welcome students (through age 8) who may feel more comfortable in this age group to join us.

 * We encourage a parent/guardian to participate.

Audition Workshop | Ages 12 – 17

This class will focus on preparing actors for three audition situations: Cold-Readings, Prepared Monologues, and Song Preparation. Students will be given material throughout the semester to workshop in class as well as to prepare independently. Teachers will work with students, helping them develop skills needed for most audition situations. Every student will be given various times to “audition” for a panel of Gemini staff and guest theater professionals as a means of receiving feedback on their success in preparation as well as advice for strengthening their audition. Teachers will coach students on audition attire, attitude, and expectations for before, during, and after their audition including appropriate etiquette while waiting for a casting decision. Students will be encouraged to audition for Gemini Theater productions and other professional opportunities.

Lights! Curtain! Musical! | Ages 8 – 12

This musical workshop allows students to use their voices beyond the script. With focus on proper voice technique for maintaining a healthy performance, students will work with their teacher to use song and basic movement to develop a musical revue which will include award-winning songs from theater and film. Each class will be dedicated to learning music and simple choreography to musical numbers. This class is meant to be fun and energetic and is recommended for students looking for an introduction to musical theater and voice. This class will culminate in a showcase of musical numbers as picked by the teacher.

Performance Workshop | Ages 8 +

This class will work together to rehearse and perform a one-act production at the end of the 4-week program. Students will work together to rehearse and prepare a condensed version of a Gemini main-stage show. In-class auditions will be held to assign roles, with all students participating in the production. In true Gemini fashion, students will have the opportunity to give input on how their characters will look and sound, as well as collaborate to make unique twists in the story. Students will learn how to take blocking notes, work as a team on stage, and help create their own live performance in one month! This class is great for students who want to perform in a live production but need a less rigorous rehearsal schedule.

Saturdays: October 28, Nov 4, 1, 18   1:30 – 4:00 
FINAL PERFORMANCE: November 18 at 4:30 pm

Now Available ~ Private Virtual Acting Coaching

Kaitlin Descutner is looking forward to working with your student to help them prepare for auditions, to develop technique, or to just learn more about acting! She offers lessons for 30, 45, or 60 minutes at $1 per minute.  A complimentary 30 minutes will be added to your first lesson with Kaitlin.  This is a chance for you and your child to get to know Kaitlin and discuss her style of coaching.

Scholarship and Tuition Assistance Fund

The Scholarship and Tuition Assistance Fund is made possible by generous support from 

  • McSwigan Family Foundation of The Pittsburgh Foundation
  • Paige’s Promise
  • Kenny’s Club
  • Christopher Lynch Memorial Fund

We do our best to give every child an opportunity to participate in our assistance program.

Applications for Tuition Assistance for Acting Classes and Summer Camps are processed online during the registration process. To apply, register your child for the class you are interested in attending and select “Applying for Tuition Assistance” and complete the form. Please note that incomplete applications will delay your request.

Cancellation Policy

In the event you choose to cancel and withdraw your child from a Gemini Theater Class, the following restrictions apply:

  • A student withdrawn after attending less than three weeks of classes will be refunded 75% of their tuition
  • Student withdrawal after three weeks of classes will only eligible for credit or special refund due to emergency or medical situations or at the discretion of the Executive Director
  • “No Show” students may not be offered a refund if Gemini Theater is unable to make contact within three weeks of class start date. Credit for another class will be offered at the discretion of the Executive Director
  • Gemini Theater reserves the right to change these policies based on individual circumstance
  • Special circumstances where a credit may not be issued include loss of class day due to severe weather conditions causing Gemini Theater to shut down or close temporarily.

COVID Requirements

Gemini Theater is requiring that all guests, students, patrons, and other visitors wear a mask when attending any show, class or event. Proof of vaccination is not required AT THIS TIME, since many of our visitors are children below the recommended age to receive it. With continuing changes regarding COVID and it’s variants, we will make updates to our policy as necessary.

We understand that not every one is ready to return to see live theater. We are maintaining assigned seating with social distancing seating blocked around every group. The theater will be cleaned before and after all classes and events as well as between show times on the weekends. We ask that you stay home of any of your family members are ill and visit us when everyone is healthy. Tickets are always exchangeable due to illness in the family.

At this time, our staff, teachers, actors, and technicians are fully vaccinated, per our hiring contracts. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Gemini Theater COVID Policy, you may email Jill Jeffrey at jjeffrey@geminitheater.org.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay magical.”


Jill Jeffrey, Executive Director
Gemini Theater Company

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