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October 15th at 7pm

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If you are interested in attending a virtual acting class, please contact us at to discuss availability and options.

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COVID-19 Update - Royal Ball

The current status of Gemini's fundraising event, the Royal Ball will proceed as scheduled on Sunday, September 20th.

Visit, dine and play with all your favorite storybook characters at the Royal Ball!

This amazing fundraising event features interactive musical performances, luncheon, dance party, games, prizes and a little bit of magic! This event is hosted and presented by Gemini staff and community volunteers.

Gemini Theater Company stands with Black Americans and all People of Color!


“Walk beside me, we can go any distance.
Take my hand, and we can hold on forever.
With one mind, we’ll overcome all resistance.
With one heart, embrace a new day together.”

“It’s A Jungle Out There”
Song & Lyrics by Lani Cerveris Cataldi
Co-Founder Gemini Theater Company


Gemini Theater Company stands with Black Americans and all People of Color (POC) during this fight for equality. The actions that led to the death of George Floyd are not new, and they have reminded so many of us that the unethical and inhumane treatment of citizens must come to an end. Our staff, artists, and volunteers are here to listen, support, and be allies for all those who need us at this crucial time and moving forward.

As an organization that focuses on children, youth, and teen programming, we have always strived to create an environment where equality, acceptance, and safety are our top priorities. Children can be taught, especially through the arts, how to embrace and respect all the differences humans bring to this world, seeing that those differences are what make each of us amazing individuals. Instead of fearing what is not understood, we teach them to ask questions and to listen, so we can learn from each other and not from what we assume we “should” feel because of past, and present, misconceptions that violence and hate are acceptable responses.

We understand the importance of discussing with your children the current state of our country. We also understand that it can be difficult to explain what is happening right in their own town, especially for younger children. There are many resources available from books to websites to television shows (like Sesame Street), that have been accessible for years and have also created new programs in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. These can prove to be invaluable resources for parents. We also highly encourage talking to friends, neighbors, or co-workers who are directly affected by racism. They are the best resource to help us learn how we can talk to children and youth, to teach them about equality and how to be an ally through what they understand naturally: friendship. It is these bonds that can only get stronger as kids grow together through the love of their friendships.

Gemini Theater Company stands with the Black Community and all POC.   #BLACKLIVESMATTER

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay magical.

Jill Jeffrey, Executive Director

Our Programs

Creative Fun! Our 5-day workshops provide hands-on experience in a real theater. Under the guidance of theater professionals, each group creates, writes, produces, and performs their show on the last day.

Enrollments for Spring and Fall sessions are for ages 4 through 14. Classes cover a variety of disciplines such as creative play, puppetry, story writing, theater games, scene work, improvisation, monologue studies . . .

Gemini Theater Company offers three different options in our Educational Outreach Program so we can best fit your needs for fun, interactive theater productions and workshops for students Pre-K through 12!


I want to thank you for everything you do for our kids. They come back to the school and talk about you for days and days. You make a big difference in their lives, and we appreciate it so much.



Upcoming Performances

The Amish Monkeys bring you improv comedy at its finest. We perform one Saturday every alternating month . . .

Visit, dine and play with all your favorite storybook characters at the Royal Ball!


When a small kingdom finds themselves in need of a new ruler, it is determined that only a true royal person can lead . . . 


This is by far the BEST theater program for children in the Pittsburgh area! My daughter enjoyed every minute of summer camp and gained so much confidence along the way while learning about the various elements of the theater. Kudos!


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The Wizard of Oz

Article by George Hoover January 22, 2018 Read Full Article If you are parents or grandparents of preschoolers, and love theatre, a suitable show to

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