Gemini Activity Pages!

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Placemat

Have a Wonderland Tea Party! Have your very own Wonderland Tea Party. Print out this placemat for all your guests. Follow the simple recipe to make mini cucumber sandwiches. Follow the Tea Party Etiquette rules and play the puzzle games with your guests.

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Pirate Wordsearch

Nautical Word Search Your pirate friends need you on their next voyage, and to be a good mate, you need to know the language of the high seas. Your pirate friends wrote everything down, but forgot where they are buried. Can you find all the NAUTICAL TERMS and join them on their voyage?

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Pirate Find the Differences

What’s Different? These shifty looking pirates are trying to trick you! They changed the bottom picture and didn’t think you’d notice, but I know you are smarter than they are and can find at least 10 of the differences. Frankly, I think you are BRILLIANT and can find all 16 differences between the two pictures?

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Pirate Maze

Find the Buried Treasure! Our pirate friends forgot where they buried their treasure. Can you help them find it? Be careful . . . don’t get lost along the way . . . and remember . . . X marks the spot!

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