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Ticketing Information

  • Children’s performances are held Saturdays & Sundays at 1:00pm & 3:30pm unless indicated otherwise
  • Tickets are $12 for children and adults unless indicated otherwise
  • Children under 2 years of age are free and must be seated on lap
  • Group rates are available for reservations of 10 or more
  • Discounted tickets to McKees Rocks Residents
  • Performances are held at the Gemini Theater located in the Ryan Arts and Culture Center
  • For more information or group tickets, call the Box Office at 412-243-6464 – Ext 2

Amazing little gem! The shows are wonderfully imagined and written. Cast does a great job of getting kids involved and providing laughs and a twist on classic tales. We have seen three shows here so far and have loved every one. Well worth the drive to check out. Great family show that kids and Adults will both enjoy.


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Upcoming Events

After following the White Rabbit into Wonderland, Alice is on a journey to find the Queen’s palace and her way home. But, Wonderland is not any ordinary place, and Alice meets all sorts of silly characters who seem to always have a problem that needs solved. With the White Rabbit by her side, as well as the “imaginations” in the audience, Alice can surely make it to the Queen’s party on time!

All Amish Monkeys shows have been suspended until the current health crisis is over. We’ll carry on doing shows again once we get the official “all clear”. Thanks!

Content is generally PG-13. We recommend audience age be no lower than 11 (6th Grade).

Sunburst School of Music

  • April 18th ~ Fairy Tale Theme
  • November 14th ~ TBD

Ryan Arts and Culture Center

  • June 13th ~ Your Lines of Dialogue
  • August 8th ~ Sound Effects Show
  • October 3rd ~ Animal Theme
  • December 12th ~ TV Theme

While on an expedition in Africa, Jane and her team of scientists meet a man who has been raised among the animals of the jungle. Though Tarzan is eager to learn from Jane, his parents, Tublat and Kala, feel that his true home is with them, and they are worried Jane may take him away to meet his other family. With some not so honest friends on her expedition, Jane realizes she has much to accomplish to keep Tarzan and his jungle family safe. This interactive, musical adaptation is based on the “Tarzan” book series written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

When a large, stuffed bunny is given to Jamie for the holidays, it finds it’s new home with all the other toys a bit confusing, at first.  Wishing to be “real,” the rabbit does everything it can to win Jamie’s affections and be the most-favorite toy in the room.  In time, Jamie does grow to love the toy, and the Velveteen Rabbit is the happiest it could possibly be.  But, a sad day comes when the rabbit is no longer able to stay with the rest of the toys, and it learns a lesson on what being “Real” means:  understanding that love can sometimes come with a little pain or sadness . . .  

Merlyn has his hands full teaching young Wart what it is like to be a knight. Wart, on the other hand, is curious as to why his lessons seem to involve animals, magic, and strange adventures through the Forest Savauge. Based from the T.H. White story, the audience will find themselves part of all of Wart’s lessons, from learning from a school of fish to helping teach a grumpy tree that everyone is equal in the forest. Come join Wart, but watch out for the Questing Beast!

Event Postponed

Princess & the Pea

When a small kingdom finds themselves in need of a new ruler, it is determined that only a true royal person can lead everyone. But, the only test to find royalty is the “sleeping pea” test. As princess after princess fails to pass, everyone becomes worried that a new ruler will ever be found. But, sometimes, a leader is in the place you least expect! Based on the classic “Princess and the Pea” fairy tale, this original musical will feature special character appearances, comedy for all who participate, and traditional Gemini interactive fun!

Event Flex Passes

Rapunzel is telling all her friends that she just got her Gemini Spring Season Flex Pass!

Pre-purchase tickets to use for the remainder of the season at a special discounted rate! Save $1 per ticket, AND pre-book all your shows in advance! 

(Don’t worry, we can exchange seats for you later if your schedule changes.)

E-Gift Cards

The King and Queen are excited to have finished their Holiday shopping! They got Gemini E-Gift Cards for their family and friends! Know a child, family or friend that loves the arts?

Give the gift of theater and imagination to someone special by purchasing a E-Gift Card valid for any Gemini production. E-Gift cards never expire and can be given for any value or denomination you wish!

Birthday Party Packages

Celebrate Your Special Day With Us!

Add On Options

  • Theater Games may be added to the 3:30pm show bookings for 30 minutes (recommended times 5:30 – 6:00). Two cast members will lead games. MUST BE CONFIRMED AT TIME OF BOOKING.  Cost $50 (Up to 20 children);
  • Facepainting may be added to birthday party (up to 20 children) MUST BE CONFIRMED AT TIME OF BOOKING. Cost varies based on total number of guests;
  • Private parties on non-show days are available off-site through Creative Spirit – contact Lani at 412-398-8349.

General Information

  • Parties can be hosted on Sunday performance days only;
  • Parties must be booked 30 or more days in advance;
  • Room fee is $50. Room can comfortably sit up to 20 children ages 2 – 10;
  • One party per Sunday permitted (11:30 – 3:00 for 1:00 show OR 2:30 – 6:00 for 3:30 show). Times include set up and clean up times;
  • Group of 10 or more receives discounted ticket rate and party child receives show ticket free;
  • Main characters from the show will visit after the performance (including public autograph session) to meet the guest of honor and their guests;
  • Option to have guest programs pre-signed to avoid line in lobby.

To schedule your party, contact us at or 412-243-6464.

Our Theater

Gemini Children’s Theater performs out of the

Ryan Arts and Culture Center
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