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Gemini Children’s Theater has been bringing educational, creative, performing arts opportunities for over 20 years. The goal of our fundraising efforts is to keep these programs within reach of children and their families in our local Pittsburgh and surrounding communities.

Your gift will directly support discounted tickets to performances and events, scholarships for acting classes and summer camps and reduced educational outreach performances for Elementary and Pre-K children.

Lifetime Angels

A “Lifetime Angel” is an individual or organization who has contributed to the Gemini Theater through generous financial or in-kind gifts or through volunteer service. They have helped keep the Gemini Theater alive for over 20 years and their support is greatly appreciated. Bravo and thank you!

Allegheny Regional Asset District
Anita and Janelle DeChancie
Anthony O’Reilly & Clyde Fearer at Heinz U.S.A.
Arwen Kozak
Barbara Bahnson
Betty Dell Stockhausen
big Burrito Restaurant Group
BNY Mellon
Bridget Carey
Caitlin Northup
Cindy Kroneberg
Cynthia Haines
Dan, Kim, Jodi, Sage & Bobby Lincoln
Daniel Gup, Terri Klein, Emily & Noah
Danielle Crumrine
Danny Mayhak
David Phillip Tener
Delores Panza
Dennis Palko
Duquesne Capital Management, L.L.C.
Duquesne University
Eva Diodati
Gerald, Barbara, Ben & Hannah Chait
Gina Preciado
Have Party Will Travel
Heinz Endowments
Jacob Wadsworth
Jeff & Cindy Kroneberg
Jen Majetic
Jill & Tony
Jim France
Joe Jasek
John E. Lane, Jr.
Johnson & Johnson
Joseph & Katherine Haleski

Kemi Ojelade
Kenny’s Club
Lani Cataldi
Mark, Joyce, Alexis, Brian & Cassie Willson
Mark Snyder
Mary Ann Graziano
Mary Grace Diana
McSwigan Family Foundation
Paige’s Promise
Patrick, June, Brian & Alex Beighley
Paul Stockhausen
Phyllis-Lynne Leithauser
Proudly Presents Productions
R. Ward Allebach & Lisa D. Steagall
Randy Oliva
RoseAnne Vigilante
Ryan Westwood
Sharon Clougherty
Sharon Richards
Sharon Sandler
Shelly Mayhak
Sir Alex
Steff Cryor
Susan McGregor-Laine
Suzanne Platt
Sylvester & Sarah Palko
Tachoir Family
Tanya Baronti
Tara Heade Fortino
The Giant Eagle Foundation
The Grable Foundation
The Platt Family
The Saturday Light Brigade
The Sheller-Wolf Family
The Trent Family
Tina Chekan
TJ Firneno
Weiner Family Foundation


Adam Reis
Alaina Lawson
Alan and Cathy Rosen
Alan Goodman
Alan Wisniewski – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Alexander Trick
Alexis Tuckfelt
Allison Murtha – In Honor of Christopher Lynch
Allison Yeske
Amy Creely
Amy Majetic – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Amy Maxin
Angel & Matthew Lehrian
Ann Willman – In Honor of Francie Hausman
Anna Marie Caulkins
Annalise & Karissa
Anne & Mark Peterson
April Belback
Barbara Diller – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Barry Guckes
Ben Urso
Bob & Julie Braughler
Bob & Patti Carothers
Bob Sullivan & Alice Bright
Brian & Lynn Schreiber
Bruce & Joanne Merchant
Carla & Ed Shriver
Carol Smith
Carrie Eichelsbacher-Berry
Catherine O’Brien – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Catherine Tolley
Cathy Rohrer
Celene Goldtrap
Chelsea Gallo
Cheryl Esposito
Cheryl Kubelick
Child Care Lounge – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Chris Rust
Christa Brackley
Christian Den Uyl
Christian Snyder
Christine Emmick
Christine Gedid – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Christine Mottura
Christine Poe
Colin, Brenna, Terry & Terry Budd
Connie & Len Diller – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Constance Ceresztury
Crit and Nancy Baker
Cynthia Bigley – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Dale S. Filstup
Daniel Bull
Daniel Downs
Danielle Lejeune
David Brazelton
David Jenkins
David Lewis
David, Shawnee & Rachel Zeolla
Dean Meixner
Deborah Boncek – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Deborah Walker
Debra Rudel
Dee & Jeff Weinberg
Dionne Brelsford
Dolores Mahoney
Donna Bright
Dr. & Judy Marvin
Dr. & Mrs. LeRoy Moore
Dr. Jack & Libby Jacobs
Ed & Dotty Weisberg
Edward Kacprzyk
Edward Kryston
Elaine & Carl Krasik
Eli Metosky & Caitlyn Amshel
Elizabeth Oskin
Elizabeth Shimshock
Ellen Mazo
Ellen McChesney – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Ellen Small – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Elysse, Lily & Emily Rose Dalzell
Emma Smolar’s Family
Eric Kratsa
Erica Balint – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Erin Friday
Erin May
Fina C. Abramovitz
Forgacs Family – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Francine Caplan
Gail Etter
Gerald & Louise Kerner
Gina Fita
Gwendolyn Allen
Harry Patterson – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Harvey & Ester Nathanson
Helen Litz – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Henry & Julia Netzer of the Netzer Charitable Foundation – In Honor of Francie Hausman
Hlebinsky Family
Hugh Fitzpatrick McGough
Ilona Weyers
In Honor of Natalie Floreancig
In Honor of the Gemini Staff
In Memory of Skip Cercone
In Memory of Valerie J. Clair
Jack & Lily Hamady
James Douglas
Jan Conley & Ed Krugh
Jane Alcorn – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Jane O’Leary
Jay Keenan
Jay Regalado
Jeanann Nolla – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Jeanne Shields
Jeff Fromherz – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Jenna Bull-Trombold
Jennifer Lakin & Douglas Rabuzzi
Jennifer Salac
Jennifer Schaupp
Jennifer Sullivan – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Jenny Evans
Jessica Handron
Jessica Morowitz
Jim G.
Joan & Ed Walker
Joan Davis
Joe & Shellie Hipsky
Joe Norcross
Joel, Alice, Rachel & Hannah Johnston
John & Denise Frank
John Huffman
John J. Nebel
John, Dana, Jay & Evan Horton
John, Dolores, and Erin Mahoney
Joni Levine
Joseph Friedman
Joseph Kennedy
Judy Jeffrey
Julie Strang
June Perrucci – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Karen Krasneski

Kathleen Bauman – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Kathryn Kane
Kathy & D. Stuart Horne
Kathy Pattak – In Honor of Francie Hausman
Kaushik Sivasubramanian
Kelly Otterman
Kenneth & Rebecca Acer
Kenny Paolino
Kerry Michaels
Kevan Yenerall
Klara Heilbrunn
Kratsa Properties/Kratsa Family
Kris & Kyle Breault
Kristen Love
Kristina & Emily Phelan
Kristy Ondriezek
Larry & Bari Servello
Laura Smiley
Linda Fletcher
Linda Weller
Lindsay & Halley Myer
Lori and Ben Smolar
Lori Beth Sicare
Lori Kaplan
Lori Russell
Lorraine & Peter Terminato
Lorraine Serra
Louise Malakoff
Marci Woodruff
Maria Silvaggio
Marilyn Wagner – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Marin Exler
Mark Cosdon
Mark Muehlbauer – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Marla & Harvey Block
Mary Dobransky
Mary E. McFadden
Mary Price & Associates
Maryann Davidson
Matthew Dugan – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Matthew Episcopo – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Max & Rosa Miller
Meg Michaels
Megan Stafford
Mia Bugarija
Michael & Alicia Klein
Michael Ramsay
Michelle Diller – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Michelle Parker
Michelle Swink
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Malaskovitz – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Newman
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Boyle
Mrs. Charles McConnell (Roberta) – In Honor of Francie Hausman
Nami Oya
Nancy Pistella
Nancy Silvers
Nik Nemec
Pamela & William Real
Pat VanEman
Patricia & Chris Nicholson
Patricia Jacoby
Patrick Flannery
Paul & Vickie Meurer – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Paul Eisert
Paul G. Benedum Jr.
Paul Trombold
Peggy & Mike Shay
Penn Avenue Eyewear
Peter Kogan
Peter Rosenfeld
Rachel & Lindsay Wynn
Rachel Givelber & Michael Mathier
Raymond Anten
Rebecca & Madison Morrice
Rebecca Cataldi
Rebecca Polinko
Renata D. Hoca
Renee Levin
Richard E. Rauh
Ro Vigilante
Robert Fierstein
Robert Sansom
Roger Rathburn
Rohrer Family
Ron & Lucy Panza
Ron Maderas
Roth Family
Samantha Mullenax – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Samuel D. Kramer CPA, CFP
Samuel Rolnick – In Honor of Francie Hausman
Sandy Hall
Sarah & Rob Woodings
Shaler Theater Arts Mashawn Lorenz
Sharon Hagopian Gustkey
Sharon Lace
Shelly Gabriel
Shirley Custer Memorial Fund
Silberblatt/Sisson Family
Sr. Margaret Barry
Stephanie Swift-Antill – In Honor of Christopher Lynch
Steve Cerveris
Sunho Paik Family
Susan & Tom Evan – In Honor of Francie Hausman
Susan L. Boyle
Susan Regan & Family
Suzanne Platt
Tanya Baronti
Tara Reis
The Block Team
The Bobko Family
The Byrne Family
The Calhoun Family
The Cummings Family
The Friends of Gemini Theater – In Honor of Christopher Lynch
The Shema Family
The Warden Family
Thomas Coulter
Thornburg Center
Tishie Woodwell
Todd Swan
Tom & Becky McGough
Tom & Denise Siwik – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
Tom Tripoli
Toniaray & Thomas DiDiacomo
Tracy Milai
Vanessa De La Vega
Velma Scantlebury-White
Vickie Hughey
Vincent Tyler
Walter Radacaj
William A. G. Fisher
William Ebel Family
William Fetter
William Molloy
William Nolan – In Honor of Deborah Fromherz
William Real

Sponsor Our Programs

Gemini Children’s Theater offers a variety of options to give your business the “Standing Ovation” it deserves.  By sponsoring our programs, you are displaying your business and products to over 12,000 children, parents and their families through a variety of media sources:

  • Playbill Ads
  • Logo Placement on Website and Emails
  • Performance Announcements
To become a Gemini Sponsor, contact Jill Jeffrey at 

Share Your Creativity

Gemini Children’s Theater holds auditions for it’s Classic Children’s Season from late summer though early spring and auditions adults and children over the age of 10.

Share Your Time

Gemini Theater Company offers volunteer and internship opportunities in a variety of categories: Administration, Production, Sales, Marketing/PR, etc. 

All interns and volunteers over the age of eighteen must submit their “Pennsylvania Child Abuse History” and “Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check” clearances. Applications for these clearances can be obtained by linking to the following site:


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