"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it." - Robert Swan OBE

Last month, a small group of artists from Gemini’s outreach company had the privilege of asserting this message to sold-out audiences in Washington DC. Part of “Saturday Mornings at The National,” families gathered in the National Theater’s Helen Hayes Gallery on February 10th for performances of “Little Mermaid’s Pollution Solution.” Gemini outreach artists have been bringing interactive productions to schools, camps, events and programs in the tri-state area for years; but in recent months our reach has extended further out of state, to such places as Virginia, New Jersey, and now the nation’s capital. Perhaps the most exciting part of this journey has been seeing just how one-of-a-kind our shows are, not only in Western Pennsylvania, but everywhere we travel. Children and parents alike participated in interactive numbers on Saturday, eager to take advantage of the unique opportunity to become part of the show. It has been such a joy to extend our mission beyond the limits of our home town. One mother at The National told us that she wished the President could have seen the show–how special to consider that even one person could imagine our programming making a difference on such a large scale! Whether on Pennsylvania Avenue, or in our own backyard, it is always a thrill to continue educating and empowering children of all ages through the performing arts.  ❖

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