Robin Hood, The Game

Have you missed being part of a Gemini show? Do you know the story of “Robin Hood”? Does it even matter? Nope, because Fitzooth and his Merry Players will help tell the story, so that you can be part of the show!

Join us on Facebook for “Robin Hood, The Game” to watch a pre-recorded live performance. It is fun!  It is wacky!  It is absolutely hilarious!  –  Laughter is a good thing right now.

This show is FREE to watch and participate in, but we will welcome donations of any kind before, during, and after which will go into our “Fall Fund” to ensure we can maintain classes starting in September. This fund will also help us keep making shows both pre-recorded and live for our families to view online, until we are able to see you in person for a full production again!!!

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