Available Thanksgiving – December 31st  –  (2019 Only)
When a large, stuffed bunny is given to Jamie for the holidays, it finds it’s new home with all the other toys a bit confusing, at first. Wishing to be “real,” the rabbit does everything it can to win Jamie’s affections and be the most-favorite toy in the room. In time, Jamie does grow to love the toy, and the Velveteen Rabbit is the happiest it could possibly be. But, a sad day comes when the rabbit is no longer able to stay with the rest of the toys, and it learns a lesson on what being “Real” means: understanding that love can sometimes come with a little pain or sadness. This interactive, musical is adapted from the classic tale The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams and is a wonderful reminder of how each of us can find small ways to be loving to those around us, especially during the holiday season. You and your students will join the rabbit, ragdoll, skinhorse, and all the other toys in the bedroom and help keep a classic tale alive in all of our hearts. Appropriate for all ages.

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