Virtual Summer Theater Camp Registration

Ages 7 – 10
August 3 – 14 (Monday – Friday) 10:00 – 11:30 a.m.

Does your child like to pretend? Did they miss out on attending in-person camps this summer? Do they like creating stories with friends? Our Virtual Summer Camps is modeled after our in-person camps, with adjustments to best fit the needs of the online learning experience. This virtual program will unlock your child’s creativity and take them on an adventure into the imagination! Young actors choose their own characters and put them all together into an original story, which they write, rehearse, and perform as a virtual play on the last day of the workshop. While having fun and making new friends, your child will improve their ability to listen, follow directions, compose a story, understand conflict & resolution, develop a character, accomplish an objective, collaborate with peers, perform in front of an audience, and use the imagination.

Having a strong internet connection and access to a computer, tablet, or IPad is the best way to connect and be part of the class experience. We also request students be in a room with few distractions during camp time. Gemini Theater uses a Zoom Business account, with password-only access and privacy restrictions in place to ensure a safe learning environment for your child. To keep their interest going from day to day, this camp will run 1.5 hours each day, with a small break after 45 minutes.

We have found that many of our theater games and activities adapted so well for our virtual classes in the Spring, that we continue to work on new ways for our students to be as interactive as possible in the virtual classroom. One of their camp days will be dedicated to “prop-making,” so kids can create their show props together in the virtual classroom. We will also have a special Google document that parents can share with script notes, so kids can always have access to their show to rehearse. On the show day, we will create a new link and password, so families can invite others to watch the show.

Price: $125
* We will allow a maximum of 10 students in this virtual camp to ensure effective class time and easy communication between students.

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